The Mullion Group is pleased to announce that Dr John Raison has joined our rapidly growing team. John is a globally recognised, highly respected scientist with expertise in soil science, nutrient cycling, forest ecology, greenhouse gas accounting, and in provision of scientific advice to policy makers.

John has conducted research on the ecology of Australia’s forests for 36 years, with an emphasis on the effects of fire and harvesting on carbon and nutrient cycling and forest productivity. In recent years he has contributed to a range of policy and practices aimed at facilitating sustainable forest management as Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences. These have included revision of Codes of forest practice, the development of sustainability indicators, and input to expert advisory groups as part of the development of Regional Forest Agreements in all Australian States.

Greenhouse and climate science, particularly carbon cycling, and methods for GHG accounting in forest ecosystems have been a major research interest. Dr Raison is a member of several national committees relating to greenhouse issues and sustainable forest management. He also represented Australia on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that developed Good Practice Guidance for implementing the international Guidelines for greenhouse gas accounting for the land- based sectors that are used by countries for reporting under the UNFCCC. He was also part of the IPCC Team that revised the Guidelines (completed in 2006). In recent years he has assisted with development of GHG accounting systems in several countries, especially in Indonesia where he led the development of a GHG accounting methodology for disturbed tropical peat lands.

Dr Raison also has a strong interest in forest bioenergy systems, especially their environmental sustainability. He has had a long association with IEA Bioenergy tasks that deal with bioenergy from conventional forest management. The Mullion Group looks forward to integrating John’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm into existing and future projects.