Dr Rob Waterworth

    Chief Executive Officer

    Rob has extensive expertise in research, designing and implementing technical systems to achieve sustainable land management. He has played a leadership role in policy development , program management and international climate negotiations. He has a deep understanding of the requirements of and relationships between policy, technical systems and the role of research and programs to deliver systems that meet policy needs, including REDD+.

    Rob is currently interim Director for moja.global, an international foundation established to lead the development of new open source, globally adaptable MRV tools for forestry and agriculture. These tools bring the latest science and computer software development together in a next generation tool that uses remote sensing data to improve the accessible and quality of carbon accounting.

    In 2008 was part of the team awarded the Eureka Prize, Australia’s premier science prize, for work in developing integrated remote sensing and ground data systems. He is an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and a lead reviewer for the IPCC Guidelines, an author of the Global Forest Observations Initiative  Methods and Guidance and holds a Ph.D. from the Australian National University, and a Bachelor of Forest Science / Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne.

    E: robert.waterworth@mulliongroup.com

        Malcolm Francis


        A software engineer, Malcolm brings 25 years of experience in systems architecture, design and development. He specialises in large scale modelling systems, scientific computing, high performance cluster development and data modelling. Malcolm has worked in a wide range of environments including government, private enterprise, and consulting industries delivering large scale complex systems.

        Malcolm is currently co-leading the development and implementation of the FLINT generic tool for integrating remote sensing and ground-based data for land sector MRV, as well as supporting implementation of the SLEEK program in Kenya.

        E: malcolm.francis@mulliongroup.com

            James Leitch


            Jim is a software engineer with 25 years of experience in systems architecture, design, development and implementation. He specialises in large scale modelling systems, scientific computing, high performance cluster development and data modelling. From 2003 – 2014, Jim played a key role in the development of the Australian carbon accounting system (FullCAM).

            With experience in a wide range of ICT system roles, Jim has proven experience working effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders, including policy makers, scientists, government and international agencies to deliver high-quality projects.

            Jim is currently co-leading the development and implementation of the FLINT generic tool for integrating remote sensing and ground-based data for land sector MRV, as well as supporting implementation of the SLEEK program.

            E: james.leitch@mulliongroup.com

                Stephen Scofield

                Vice President Business Development

                Stephen Scofield leads Mullion Group’s Business Development activities, Client Relations, and Partnerships programs in North America. Based in San Francisco, Stephen also works closely with industry stakeholders and advocacy groups to mobilize climate finance across philanthropic, government and private sector channels. Within the Financial Industry sector, he has been globally active as an advocate for sustainable investment, ESG integration, and climate risk management business practices.  

                    Val Carmody

                    Financial Controller

                    Val brings to the Mullion Group several decades of experience in organisational finance with an emphasis on costs and cash flow management and regulatory compliance. She is a graduate of the University of Canberra in commerce and accounting and is qualified as a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA).  Her experience has included extensive work in management and finance, she has worked in the legal industry and firms in the non-government sector. She held the position of Financial Controller for one of  Australia’s leading economic consultancy firms.

                        Robert de Ligt

                        Senior Consultant

                        Rob is an environmental scientist with significant experience in land sector greenhouse gas inventories, government programme management and policy analysis. He has worked on MRV design and implementation in Australia, the Philippines, and Kenya.

                        Rob has ten years’ experience working in fire and ecosystem science in both research and public sectors in Australia. He has played a leadership role in major government programs including the design and implementation of the (AUD)145 million Australian National Environmental Science Programme. Prior to this he worked in depth on Australia’s national greenhouse gas inventory particularly focused on the forest and deforestation components of the land sector.  He has a First Class Honours degree from the Australian National University researching the probability of wildfire with time-since last fire.

                        Rob’s experience provides him with strong expertise in developing and integrating technical solutions within the policy sphere. He recently led the development of a new Attribution Tool for semi-automated attribution of land use change to causal factors. Rob is an expert reviewer for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and a Lead Author for the IPCC KP Supplement and Refinement of the 2006 IPCC Guidelines.

                        E: robert.deligt@mulliongroup.com

                            Geoff Roberts

                            Senior Consultant

                            Geoff is a forester with strong technical skills in national and project level carbon accounting, as well as project-level method development. These skills are supported by broad experience in policy analysis and development. He has an undergraduate and master degree in forestry from the Australian National University and has spent the past 11 years working across public, private and research organisations in Australia and internationally. Geoff has worked on developing practical forest carbon accounting methods for Australia’s Emissions Reduction Fund, as well as supporting international projects in Kenya, Sudan, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Tanzania. Geoff has also worked on international and Australian domestic policy issues, including Regional Forest Agreements, timber legality policies and sustainability assurance.

                            Through his work across both technical and policy issues, Geoff has developed expertise in integrating technical issues into operational policies.

                            E: geoff.roberts@mulliongroup.com

                                Katie Mills

                                Software Developer

                                Katie Mills is a software developer, business analyst and project manager, with 20 years of IT experience, who specialises in Open Source environmental software development and has led nationally significant federal government software projects, as well as working as a consultant and for the private sector. As she also runs a market garden and is a former landscape architect, she contributes domain knowledge in agriculture and urban design.

                                    Dr Philipp Kilham


                                    Philipp is an environmental scientist with expertise in statistical analysis, predictive modelling and machine learning. For over a decade, he has worked in the field of human-environmental interactions. Philipp has an undergraduate degree in forestry and nature management, a master’s degree in environmental governance and holds a doctorate in natural sciences from the University of Freiburg (Germany). He has conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research in Europe, Africa and Australia.

                                        Harrison McKenzie-McHarg

                                        Spatial Analyst

                                        Harrison is a recent graduate from the Australian National University where he completed his undergraduate studies. He has research experience using spatial data to educate policy decisions and modelling land use using geographical information systems (GIS) software. He has research experience both domestically and internationally in the fields of public policy, biology and environmental sociology.

                                            Patama Parivatanamisorn

                                            Head of Program Management

                                            Patama is an all-round PRINCE2 and Agile certified IT Delivery Manager with domestic and international work experience in complex organisations of all sizes. Her track record includes more than 15 years in fields such as engineering, IT, digital transformation, healthcare, consumer lifestyle, and security & authorisation. Patama drives product delivery and development and increases customer happiness across products and services.

                                                Dr John Raison

                                                Forest ecology & GHG accounting

                                                John is a soil scientist with expertise in organic matter dynamics, nutrient cycling and forest growth. During the last decade he has contributed scientific expertise to several national and international forest policy issues as Chief Research Scientist, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, in particular the assessment of sustainable forest management and the development of methods for GHG accounting in the land-based sectors.

                                                Most recently John chaired the Technical Committee of the High Carbon Stock Science Study which developed a new approach to the sustainable development of tropical forests.

                                                    Kaushik Sangem

                                                    Junior Developer

                                                    Kaushik is a junior developer currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computing from the Australian National University and holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. Kaushik also participated in NTCIR-12 MathIR Task with the team Borak in his undergraduate. Kaushik is currently working on the continuous integration of services with a strong focus on Google cloud services and Kubernetes.

                                                    E: kaushik.sangem@mulliongroup.com