FLINTpro at a glance

FLINTpro is the platform that brings your data together to tell your story. The platform allows organisations to manage land-sector greenhouse gas emissions data in one place through an easy to use online interface. FLINTpro simplifies processing of large, complex, data sets to produce IPCC consistent results in an easy to understand format.

FLINTpro provides you with insights into your data that cannot be achieved in simple spreadsheets. Results are presented in dynamic graphing and mapping tools, allowing you to communicate your outcomes and share the story of your data.  

Demonstration of the FLINTpro outputs, changes in carbon stock through time. Visualisation developed with supported from CMU Create Lab.

Is FLINTpro for you?

If you use the latest technologies to collect data, you need the latest technology to properly analyse and communicate your results. To manage land-sector greenhouse gas emissions, and for carbon markets to grow, organisations must account for their carbon flows across forests, crop, pastures and other land types. There is now an ever increasing volume and range of data available that can support better land management and reporting. FLINTpro brings this data together in an easy to use secure online interface and can be tailored to your needs.

FLINTpro is built for:

  • Multinational organisations and multinational corporations;
  • National and regional governments;
  • Greenhouse gas offset project developers and aggregators;
  • Corporations managing their supply chains.

The FLINTpro platform is your long term data integration solution.

FLINTpro Features

Dynamic Data Maps

Visualise simulation results through time and space.

Transparent, Credible Data

Build credible simulations using a transparent platform over multiple projects through time. 

Secure Online Interface

Easy to use secure cloud hosted interface for fast simulation times.

Manage Data Integration

Integrate large quantities of data into analysable results.

Forecast Impact

Use simulations to forecast results of policy decisions.

Analyse All Spaces

Analyse simulation results at project, regional and national levels.

FLINTpro software backed by science

The Mullion Group backs FLINTpro with world leading scientists. Our international expertise ensures the FLINTpro framework is consistent with international reporting requirements. Our team includes expert reviewers for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Lead Authors of IPCC Guidelines. FLINTpro is built using decades of experience in the measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) field with unique insights from working in multiple countries. We have designed, built and run operational systems so we know what is needed.

FLINTpro gives you more than results; it helps you answer your data questions. Using our analytics tools, your simulation results can be queried without having to re-run modelling. FLINTpro layers the data over time and space to show the impact of decision making and progress of policy.

How does it work

FLINTpro has been built to give users power over their data, and to get the information they need, when they need it. Building off moja globals’ FLINT platform, FLINTpro provides end-to-end functionality for creating information on land-sector greenhouse gas emissions. Through an easy to use, secure, online interface, users create a data library including, for example, emission factors, model parameters and disturbance matrices. Users can also include spatial activity data, such as land cover maps, and filter their data through categories such as ecological zones.

Through FLINTpro, users choose a model (or models) to run, then provide the input data, including the Run Area (project, region or national boundaries). FLINTpro integrates the data from the Run Area and models changes in greenhouse gas (GHG) using fast cloud based processing that can reduce run times from days to minutes.

In a Run, each unit (pixel) of land in the Run Area is analysed by FLINTpro. Through time, where changes in land cover and/or land use are detected, events are triggered and FLINTpro models the resulting carbon movements. For example, a forest clearing event is triggered in the model when the simulation unit changes from forest to cropland. This change results in the loss of carbon from the forests to the atmosphere. FLINTpro tracks each unit of carbon (or any other output variable) as it moves between pools, and maintains mass balance throughout the processes.