Our Work

Identifying needs

Assessing policy, technical and reporting requirements for effective land management monitoring systems.

Designing systems

Strategic, cost effective & sustainable systems, designed to meet technical, policy and reporting requirements.

Building systems

Software, database and data management system development, with quality assurance and control.

Implementing systems

Technical advice and capacity building to ensure effective system implementation.

Developing new generation software tools for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from the land sector

Reducing carbon emissions from land sector is increasingly important to meet international commitments, domestic policy imperatives, and to implement more sustainable land management practices. The Mullion Group seek to replace often ad-hoc approaches to Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of greenhouse gas emissions with inclusive systems that make use of the best – and often freely available – data, such as remote sensing imagery.

Building a global movement for open source software for sustainable land management

The Mullion Group has led the way with the development of open source software for sustainable land management. We have supported the establishment of a global foundation moja global including co-designing the governance and institutional arrangements to support the software. This work brings together the science and software development communities, and provides a practical open source tool that has the potential to revolutionise land management practices across a range of industries including land management, policy making and banking and finance.

Providing technical and policy expertise with carbon accounting and sustainable land management practices

The Mullion Group works with policy makers, scientists and industry to provide considered advice and technical assistance and capacity building. For example, we have guided the development of a robust method for High Carbon Stock assessment to underpin the Sustainable Palm Oil Manifesto. We have provided technical input in relation to the Australian government’s Carbon Farming Initiative and Emissions Reduction Fund and the Global Forest Observation Initiative.

Implementing Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems

We work with governments and other stakeholders to develop MRV systems, scalable from national to sub-national, to project level. We also have capacity to develop or tailor software tools to meet specific needs. We work in partnership with governments, non-government organisations, the private sector, landholders and others to develop their capacity to implement effective MRV systems.