Options for an MRV strategy for the Philippines

The Mullion Group is working to support the Philippines Government in the design and implementation plan for their forest MRV. This will support the Philippines Government’s domestic priorities for forests and the important role for forest management and REDD+ in its mitigation policies and actions.

The Philippines’ Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) has a strong reliance on emissions abatement and sequestration from Philippine forests. The Forest Management Bureau is currently considering the development of an enduring MRV system to support REDD+, its INDC and national reporting commitments through National Communications and Biennial Update Reports.

Our work commenced with an in-country assessment of Philippine requirements, existing data, capacity, and institutional arrangements. Subsequently a comprehensive report was produced describing the outcomes of the situational analysis and providing recommendations for: institutional arrangements; key policy needs; designing the system framework; and the approach to implementing the system, including the need for a continuous improvement plan.

Subsequently we have worked with the Philippines Forest Management Bureau to assess software tools for their MRV system, and have undertaken some initial simulations using FLINT, GLCF forest cover change data and Tier 1 and basic Tier 2 emission factors. The Mullion Group has been engaged for a subsequent phase of work to assist the Philippine Forest Management Bureau to develop the framework design for a National Forest Monitoring Program for forest MRV in the Philippines, by building upon and implementing recommendations from the design and strategy document.