Indonesian National Carbon Accounting System (INCAS)

The Mullion Group worked closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry to develop the Indonesian National Carbon Accounting System (INCAS) as a practical pillar to support decision-making and monitor outcomes.

The INCAS is designed to support the Indonesian Government’s commitment to an ambitious emissions reduction target of 29 to 41 per cent below business-as-usual levels by 2030. Given that as much as 80 per cent of the country’s emissions stem from land uses such as forestry, agricultural activities, and degraded peatlands, interventions to reduce emissions from the land sector are vital to Indonesia’s efforts to address climate change.

The Mullion Group provided technical advice and capacity building to ensure the design and implementation of INCAS by the Government of Indonesia was consistent with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change guidance. This included identifying Government of Indonesia land sector reporting requirements, assessing the existing state of knowledge and data availability, determining data and capacity gaps, and preparing technical development plans.

The first national level results from INCAS were released at the Global Landscapes Forum in the sidelines of COP21 in Paris in December 2015, including the INCAS website which provides detailed results broken down by province and REDD+ activity, as well as additional documentation about the INCAS.