A new working paper published by the World Bank is co-authored by Mullion Director Rob Waterworth and Senior Consultant Geoff Roberts. Titled, Approaches to REDD+ Nesting: Lessons Learned from Country Experiences, this collaboration also includes Authors Donna Lee, Pablo Llopis and Tim Pearson.

The paper shares lessons from nested systems of case studies countries including Australia. “Nesting,” is the integration of smaller-scale activities into larger national (or subnational) programs. While there are many positive benefits to nesting, experience suggests that countries struggle with development of nested systems. The hope is that the experiences of emerging “nested” systems can provide inspiration to countries developing REDD+ systems, particularly those which seek to catalyse across a landscape local actions that contribute to national mitigation. Key to success will be advanced Measuring Reporting and Verification systems that will support countries in the implementation of nested methods.

Read the full paper here.