How do you measure the greenhouse gas emissions of a changing forest? That’s the question we asked students at the Australian National University.

Earlier this month the Mullion Group team were invited by Associate Professor Cris Brack to lecture and run a workshop for the course Environmental Measurement, Modelling and Monitoring. Senior Consultant Geoff Roberts delivered a lecture on how countries approach the Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of carbon emissions of forests.

The Paris Agreement called for countries to be transparent about their land sectors through their MRV. Measuring the changes of land use in an accurate and repeatable way is a challenge the students experienced for themselves. Students were tasked with creating a basic model to determine the baseline greenhouse gas emissions for a forest. Students quickly realised the varied avenues for measuring a forest to determine to a baseline of emissions from the land. It was also a great opportunity for Research Assistant Sarah Buchan to use new workshop activities to initiate strong engagement from the students. All teams successfully determined a baseline for the forest and reflected on how this would apply on a country scale. Geoff Roberts shared with students his experience of how these same challenges are tackled in the real world.

The Mullion Group enjoys the opportunities provided by partnerships within the Australian National University. Sharing our experience with students offers real world advice to the next generation of Foresters and Environmental Scientists.